Heatwave Poem

With apologies to friends who have been suffering during the heatwave…

In the heat of summer I have great rejoicing
The sun has burned the clouds from out the sky
The parched sand on the beach where bodies fry
‘s A playground on which children’s voices ring
My heart is with them at their holiday
Their innocence inoculates my griefs
As, shown here in this safety from time’s thief
Are jewels,unguarded, put out on a tray.
Though somewhere past the middle of the year
And somewhere past the middle of a life
What seems to matter most are trifles
Important matters far too dear.
It’s cheap to revel in this boiling playground:
Unhurtable they seem, the little hands
Performing cartwheels naked on the sand
Their bodies momentary upside-down
Pleasure’s a pleasant thing and easy
(Though cartwheels aren’t so easy anymore)
The sun, the scalding sand, the free outdoors
The quiet air untroubled by sea breezes
O breathe it, til your tissues and your cells
Have store enough of heat and light to last
And keep that pleasure through the winter’s blast
As the sea’s kind roar is held in shells