New notebook

A new notebook- started on July 12 2018. The first words in it are ideas for titles: SUICIDE WATCH and THE FOG. Not sure what suicide watch might be about. I have a couple of poems by my alter-ego The Deathbed Poet, and my first thought was that it could be one of those; but no, a deathbed is a deathbed- there is nothing else like it. Do writers on their deathbeds still want to write – write about the experience of being on or in the deathbed? I suspect not; I think the desire as well as the energy has gone by then. The Fog might be about writing- trying to find something important with everything obscured by fog; trying to find the right word. The fog is benign; it is not a fog in a horror story. Finding the right word, though- to switch to another metaphor, it’s like playing that game where you turn the playing cards the wrong way up on a table and you have to find a pair.20180715_081147