Poets’ Corner Folkestone

Since I started this blog, I have posted my poems on it and not much more. However, it occurs to me that I should also use it to advertise Poets’ Corner Folkestone, especially as we have just had two events as part of the Folkestone Triennial Fringe (one more to come, I hope; date and venue yet to be confirmed).


Here are the three of us (l-to-r Dave Horn, Faith Warn,me) in The Old High Street, a publicity shot for our first event earlier this year. We bring poetry into the street and encourage our audience as well as passers-by to participate.

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Here is a poem. It is called ‘The Sweater

How is it human beings haven’t changed?
Still can’t tell right from wrong;
All the way from the Stone Age
To drone-dropped bombs.

She lent me – this is a long time ago – a sweater.
She gave it to me because I was feeling cold.
She told me I could keep it- this was later.

It was navy-blue and crew-necked.
I can say, now I’m a poet,
That it smelled of hope and of regret;
But it didn’t- it smelled of her sweet scent.

I treated it with care and with respect;
Pressed it to my face and to my breast;
Trying to preserve the perfumed present
Which was her.

I’m sorry that you feel that way
Is a line that ends with a full stop.
I begged her to continue – β€œand?”…
Even though I knew that adding to it
Sounds as though you are taking something away.

The sweater lost her scent after a bit.
Should I wear it? I wondered; or write about it?