Ain’t No Cure for Leonard Cohen

i.m. Leonard Cohen  September 21, 1934 – November 7, 2016

I’ve remembered it well

Such a long long time

Since that time we were down by the river

And Brian played Suzanne on acoustic guitar

And I sang along with the choir

Since that time I was drunk in the midnight

And I sang with a rapturous yell

          (Yeh, he didn’t know

          The virus he was sowing

          There ain’t no cure

          For Leonard Cohen)

Since that time I came over

To the window where

He read my palm, the would-be gypsy

I thought he knew the truth of it all

The answers to all of the mysteries

Since four in the morning when I read your letters

And played with a lock of your hair

And wrote to say we should be lovers

          (O boy I didn’t know

           Where this was going

           There ain’t no cure

           For Leonard Cohen)

I’ve played in all those places

But it’s been a long long time

Since I touched your naked body with mine

But we still have his music to remind

Us that tonight, at least,

Tonight will be fine

Yes, I remember you and I think of you often

Even though you left behind no traces

          Now the night has grown colder-

          At the top of the tower

          Someone coughs and he welcomes the dark

          I remember it well, the future he read

          Life, he said, is no walk in the park

          He read my palm all those years ago

          Surprise, he said, guess what; we grow older

(Surprise surprise

Your joy of life is growing

There ain’t no cure

For Leonard Cohen)

            Well, L. Cohen, it has been pretty rum

            You survived the dark mayhem of life

            I find my lover’s hair upon my pillow

            You were the ladies’ man without a wife

            But it gave you time to work out the meaning

            Not in tea-leaves or oranges but a message we can all hum

            And not in the words that once sounded so glum

            For the answer to the mysteries of life

            Turned out to be

            Da doo dum dum dum da doo dum dum